SBO NEWS Tigers lose face , hot pies Salvador France Mecklenburg Ayub 0-3 .

Bayern Munich team of the beer. Raiders of the lost to Sullivan Land Mecklenburg League team of the Austrian demolished 0-3 in a preseason game at Red Bull Arena on Saturday , January 18, sbobet thai ago.

This game has the audience into the field to 30,188 people by Pepsi Osceola coach of Bayern Munich players set to blend with some reserve players . But also stars such as Thiago Alcantara do Nascimento for the Spanish midfielder . Sbo attacking with Toni Kroos , Mario Götze and Xherdan Gill Gallery will spin the ball to Thomas Muller .

This appointment of Salman in Mecklenburg France up to the door to the rhythm of cumbia Kevin Maple Salon Studio open to the Rhone sbo beat into the hosts ahead 1-0 in the 14th minute .

Seven minutes later, Zach ‘s Blue Mecklenburg away from 2-0 to beat the Brazilian defender Dante Tigers to pull the sadist Omar Senegalese charm offensive . And fell in the penalty area The referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot before Jonathan Soria Ono star Spaniard sbo commissioned penalty can not miss.

Only a minute before half-time . The defenders had a third goal on Sardis Omaha Ne open to Roberts Ridge sbo beat into the Mosul sulfur deficiency France Mecklenburg led 3-0 at the end of the first half.

Played well in the second half Bayern Munich substitute Mario Götze is then Mario comes in Kitchener Grand sbo shot Croatian national team to play instead along with Rafinha . replacement player Javi Jimenez hit .

Salman France Mecklenburg had the opportunity earlier in the 54th minute when Kevin Cummins Myers paid to Jonathan Soria Ono breaking into the box but Manuel Neuer sbo outposts of football . North received the comfort

The game 76 minutes Salvador France Mecklenburg penalty strokes Lord Boateng of Bayern defender to foul Florian Klein alternate host fell in the penalty area . Immediately before the referee blew Kevin Cummins Myers commissioned the murder beat all but Manuel Neuer sbo outposts Tiger penalty as well.

For the rest , the teams do not finish the game, Salman France Mecklenburg open houses collapsed sbo Bayern Munich 3-0 to fall apart .

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